Livestox is an integrated modular system made up of Cloud based web applications for animal, hardware, document and inventory management, combined with Internet connected handheld equipment and sensors.

The system supports individual livestock control for animals marked by the compulsory ear tags, combined with RFID tags, ear notches, etc. or bulk processing in the case of poultry. The server side outputs the respective animal data and pending inventory, relocation, shipping, etc. to the hardware equipment in the field. Based on this information, the farm workers tend to the tasks set by the hardware and update the system of their performance or corrective measures taken.

The animals are identified by the handheld equipment via the integrated RFID readers or by entering their human readable tag numbers/notches from the keypads. The handheld equipment supports wired connections to different animal scales for recording the individual weighing or sets up a WiFi hotspot enabling the field sensors to transmit their readings to the server. Upon collecting enough animal data, the handheld equipment updates the Cloud server via Internet.

All data entered by the application users or incoming from the field is processed by the Cloud server and the relations between the system items are updated and the respective parameters and derivatives are calculated, outputting crucial individual or paddock information such as feed conversion rates, weight gains, weight distributions, growth rates, coefficients of variation, animal rankings, etc. Based on the derived animal properties, the system regroups the livestock and assigns the next priorities which are sent to the field equipment for a new cycle, towards better management and increased efficiency.

This project is funded by FRACTALS (Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications, FP7 project No. 632874), under the funding framework of the European Commission.     © 2015 Graphware Ltd.