All handheld field units are built around a main microcontroller in charge of the common operations and a communications microcontroller for setting up the hotspot or WiFi connections for data exchange with the Cloud server. The integrated sensors register the immediate environmental conditions, while the hotspot provides connectivity for the stationary field sensors to transmit their logged data. An integrated scales allows for weighing and data storing of animals up to 40 kg, while the standard cable interface is for connecting to external third party animal scales and retrieving their readings.

Three types of animal/facility identification for inventorying or measuring are provided – reading the RFID tag via the integrated reader or entering the ear tag/notch or inventory number through the keypad. Subsequently, all relevant data can be modified for each item and uploaded to the Cloud server for further processing.

Based on the supported features, the equipment comes in several configurations, ranging from basic for the farm workers to advanced for the supervisors.

By setting different triggers on the primary and derivative data, high levels of automation, notification and alerting are achieved, leading to decreased fault tolerances and increased efficiency.

As illustrated in the graphs below, the analyzed or synthesized data is presented to the users in a concise and informative manner that crunches huge numbers to extract the essence of how the business is running and where it is headed.

This project is funded by FRACTALS (Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications, FP7 project No. 632874), under the funding framework of the European Commission.     © 2015 Graphware Ltd.